Coming Soon: The Wondrous Cross

We have been busy working on a another course. This time our aim was to produce something to use during Lent, which we hope to publish here once we have ironed out the wrinkles. It seeks to explore the different ways in which the bible talks about the message of the cross.  We are indebted to Tom Smail’s work in Windows on the Cross and Once and for All, both recommended reading for this one.

We will be running the course for the first time in Lent 2010, which probably doesn’t help you much if you are looking for a lent course. But if you can’t wait and are in need of some inspiration for lent yoruself, then we are thinking about publishing a week-by-week version of the material on this blog. If you would like to recieve this and follow along with us then please leave a comment at the bottom of this post or e-mail us.

There are five sessions: Reconciliation, Sacrifice, Suffering,  Justice and Victory.

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